Under the slogan, “Care beaten down: we're standing up!” ["Pflege am Boden - wir stehen auf!"], dozens of health workers from different Vienna hopsitals, and solidarity activists, staged a stunt during the traditional Austrian Social Democrats' May Day march. The action was organised by the group CARE Revolution Vienna, which is largely organised by us and also by comrades from the group Arbeiter*innenstandpunkt [Workers' Viewpoint], who produce the “Heartbeat” [“Herzschlag”] bulletin in the Vienna General Hospital (AKH).

The recent elections in Greece, France and Britain saw the social democratic parties increas their votes and were considered “winners” of the elections. This is an expression of a discomfort many workers have with the crisis in the Eurozone and its consequences.

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Early 2011 saw the beginning of a massive uprising in the Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa. All over the region, regimes that were in power for decades were toppled. There is hardly a country in the region that has not been affected. The struggles saw thousands of workers in the streets venting their anger, being truly inspirational in their efforts, to people all over the world. Unfortunately the vision of a better and more just society that was shared by so many has not yet materialized.